TAI Token

TAI - native token of Taiga

Max Supply = 100,000,000 TAI

Fixed supply, deflationary emission model



TAI holders are delegated with voting rights and the ability to propose governance action and other parameter adjustments

Economic Utility

TAI token is designed to capture a portion of the earnings of the Taiga protocol through buyback of TAI tokens on the open market using protocol earnings generated through swap, mint and redemption functions. TAI purchased on the open market will be allocated to Community Treasury and redistributed to TAI stakers and synthetic asset users

Bootstrap Protocol Usage

TAI will be used as a token incentive for Liquidity Providers and bootstrap usage for synthetic assets

Direct Liquidity

TAI holders can direct synthetic liquidity to the designated project liquidity pool via vote staking power. A portion of the trading fees generated from paired liquidity pool is distributed to TAI holders for directing liquidity

TAI Allocation

  • Liquidity Mining - 50%

  • Team & Investors - 25%

  • Growth Incentives - 5%

  • Community Treasury - 20%

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