Transfer assets to Acala

Transfer DOT

If you don't have DOT on Polkadot network

  • Click the Talisman Wallet extension

  • Select your wallet

  • Select Copy icon in the upper right-hand corner of the pop-up

  • Then you can see your own Polkadot address and Copy

  • You can use the exchange to transfer DOT to Polkadot network. Make sure you select DOT as the network and paste your address

  • You can now see your balance by clicking the Talisman Extension or viewing in the Polkadot network page

If you already have DOT on Polkadot network

  • Connect wallet with Talisman to

  • Select Bridge from the navigation menu

  • Choose Polkadot as Origin Chain and Acala as Destination Chain

  • Confirm the DOT received account

  • Enter the DOT amount you wish to transfer and click Transfer

  • Complete the transfer by clicking Approve in the Talisman pop-up window

  • You can see your balance on the portfolio page once you have transferred successfully

  • If you want to transfer your asset back to Polkadot from Acala, follow the same step. Just switch the chain network

Transfer ACA

Exchanges that support the Acala network and the ACA token would support direct withdraw/deposit ACA to/from Acala network. Please confirm with your exchange how to send ACA tokens to the Acala network.

You can always send a small amount to verify before sending the full amount.

If you have ACA in Polkadot network or other parachains, you can send it to Acala using Bridge

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