Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the TAI token Utility?

Governance, Economic Utility, Bootstrap protocol usage, Direct Liquidity

Q: What is TAI total supply?

Max supply is 100M. It’s a fixed supply

Q: What is the circulating supply?

You can track the circulating supply on Dotmarketcap -


Q: How tKSM is used?

tKSM can be minted from KSM and/or LKSM which is designed to breakdown liquidity silos and enhance overall usability for KSM:

  • tKSM enables highly efficient swap transactions (KSM-LKSM)

  • tKSM maintains a stable peg against KSM

  • tKSM unifies siloed KSM liquidity across Parachains

  • tKSM maintains and distributes yields from underlying KSM derivatives to taiKSM holders (ie. LKSM)

Q: Is the ratio between tKSM and KSM going to be changed?

The ratio will be dynamic, given the underlying compositions have similar values, the overall value of tKSM will be pegged to KSM.

Q: What are the advantages of becoming a tKSM LP?

As LPs, providing KSM liquidity to the tKSM pool will offer a number of benefits, including:

  1. Reduced impermanent loss

  2. Earn swap and redemption fees, paid out in tKSM* - 0.25% swap fees - 0.3% redemption fees

  3. Earn yields generated from LKSM, paid out in tKSM* - tKSM retains the underlying staking yield generated from LKSM

  4. TAI token incentives

Q: Advantages of using tKSM?

As Traders, you will enjoy the most efficient swap execution for the KSM asset pairs. Taiga protocol is powered by the Stable Asset system, benefits include:

  • Extremely efficient trading and low risk, using uniform, closely pegged assets (low slippage, fast execution)

*tKSM accumulated via swap, redemption fees and yield generated from LKSM will be distributed in tKSM which can be claimed daily on

Q: Is there any lockup period for the tKSM?

No lockup period. tKSM can be redeemed anytime back to KSM and LKSM.


Q: What is 3pool?

3pool on Karura made of aUSD, USDC, USDT is the first stablecoin pool powering the Kusama ecosystem. Liquidity providers will get 3USD token after adding liquidity.

Q: What is the benefit for 3pool?

It serves as the very first stablecoin pool in the Kusama ecosystem with the goal of providing benefits for the following users:

  • Liquidity Providers

  • Traders

  • Project Teams

  • Parachains

More details in this article

Q: Do I need to stake 3USD to earn rewards?

No additional LP staking requirement, you can just hold to earn incentives and fees.

Q: What are the advantages of becoming a 3USD LP?

  1. Earn swap fees, paid out in 3USD - 0.25% swap fees - 0.3% redemption fees

  2. Earn Incentives - KSM subsidy from Kusama Treasury, paid out in LKSM and tKSM - KAR token incentives(paused) - TAI token incentives(paused)

Q: How to participate?

Users can add liquidity such as aUSD, USDC and USDT to 3pool to earn rewards. Please follow the guide.


Q: What are the main features of tDOT?

  • tDOT is a highly efficient stable swap engine for DOT and DOT derivatives (ie. LDOT)

  • tDOT can provide a competitive and sustainable yield

  • tDOT maintains a stable value peg against native DOT

  • tDOT is composable across Parachains and dApps

Q: What are the advantages of becoming a tDOT LP?

  • Earn swap and redemption fees, paid out in tDOT - 0.25% swap fees - 0.3% redemption fees

  • Earn yields generated from LDOT, paid out in tDOT - tDOT retains the underlying staking yield generated from LDOT

  • TAI token incentives (come soon)

  • LDOT incentives (TBD)

Q: How does tDOT move across parachains?

  • tDOT will be minted on Acala as the hub

  • Parachains that have enabled XCM with Acala can support the transfer of tDOT

More details in here

Q: How to mint tDOT?

You can add DOT and/or LDOT liquidity to mint tDOT. Please follow the guide.

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