Bridge USDT to Karura

Withdraw USDT from Bitfinex to Statemine

  • Go to Polkadot.js Apps and connect to the Kusama Network

  • Select Accounts and click Teleport

*Please make sure you have some KSM balance in the wallet

  • Select the wallet account you would like as send from account

  • Select Statemine as destination chain

  • Select your corresponding non-custodial account on Statemine as send to address

  • Enter the amount you would like to transfer to Statemine to pay for your USDT transaction fees (at least 0.01 KSM)

  • Click the Teleport

  • From the list of currencies on the left-hand side, select US Dollar as Withdraw Token

  • Check the available amount of Tether(USD) on Kusama

  • Select Tether(USD) on Kusama as Transport

  • Input your asset received address of Kusama (Kusama Relay Chain format address)

  • Input the amount you wish to withdraw and select the wallet you wish to withdraw your USDT from

  • Click Request Withdrawal and confirm your withdrawal request via 2FA and email confirmation

Bridge USDT from Statemine to Karura

  • Connect wallet to

  • Select Bridge from the navigation menu, then click Bridge tab

  • Select Statemine as Origin Chain and Karura as Destination Chain

  • Enter the amount of USDT you would like to bridge

  • Then click the Transfer and sign the transaction

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