Distribution Schedule

Bootstrapping Phase

Bootstrapping Phase is when Growth Incentives are being distributed to activate initial usage, liquidity and community.

Growth Incentives

  • 100% of Growth Incentives will be minted (5,000,000 TAI)

  • Growth Incentives will be fully distributed through event campaigns during the Bootstrapping Phase

Liquidity Mining

  • 10% of Liquidity Mining will be minted (5,000,000 TAI)

  • Liquidity Mining will be distributed in phases during the Bootstrapping Phase

Team & Investors

  • 25% of Team & Investors will be minted (6,250,000 TAI)

  • Team & Investors will be distributed upon minting to activate early governance

Community Treasury

  • 10% of Community Treasury will be minted (2,000,000 TAI)

  • Community Treasury will be used to activate community governance and value capture for TAI holders

Circulating Supply (Liquidity Bootstrapping Phase) = 14,500,000 TAI

Post Bootstrapping Phase

Post Bootstrapping Phase is when Growth Incentives has been fully distributed.

Liquidity Mining

  • Remaining 90% tokens (45,000,000 TAI) will be minted and distributed on a per block basis (refer to emission projection model)

  • Linear emission reduction begins once circulating supply reaches 70% of total token supply

  • Reduction rate set to 10% per year

Team & Investors

  • 12 months lockup period for the remaining 75% tokens (18,750,000 TAI)

  • Remaining tokens will have a linear vesting period of 18 months on a monthly basis

Community Treasury

  • Community Treasury is used to incentivize token holders and governance participants (ie. synthetic asset usage, TAI stakers)

  • Usage of Community Treasury will be entirely governed by community voting

  • Remaining 90% tokens (18,000,000 TAI) will be minted and transferred to a multisig reserved for future distribution, distributed over 2 years per proposal basis (assumption set to Monthly)

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