Mint aUSD

Mint aUSD

  • Connect wallet (Polkadot.js or Talisman) to

  • Select Mint aUSD from the navigation menu, then click Create Vault

  • Select taiKSM token as collateral then click Next (You also can choose other available assets)

  • Enter the available taiKSM amount you would like to deposit

  • Enter the amount of aUSD you would like to mint according to the “Max Available to Mint” amount displayed then click Next

  • Confirm the information and click Confirm then sign the transaction

*Please beware of the liquidation price and collateral ratio

*If you have taiKSM or LKSM in collateral staking, then you can simply select the vaults to mint aUSDD directly

Payback aUSD

  • Select Mint aUSD from the left-hand menu, then click Manage for the vault you created (If you created the vault with other assets, you should click the button of those vaults)

  • Click Payback

  • Enter the amount and click Confirm then sign transaction

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