Connect wallet

Install Extension Plugin

Create Account

  • Click on extension and click Get Started

  • Select Create new account

  • It generates your accounts with the seed phrase, then select the accounts you would like to have, and store your seed phrase in a safe place

  • Once done, select I have saved my mnemonic seed safely and Auto connect to all DApp after creating and click Next Step

  • Create a password for your SubWallet account and click Add the account with the generated seed

  • Then confirm that you are connected to the Polkadot and Kusama chains and click Confirm

Connect Karura(Same for Acala)

  • Choose SubWallet from the pop-up screen via Karura

  • Select the account you want to connect in the pop-up, and click Connect

  • If it asks you to update the metadata, click Update and then select Approve through the SubWallet extension

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