Connect wallet

Install Extension Plugin

  • Once you click download, it will ask you to add the extension to the current browser you are using. (Chrome, Firefox, Brave) Once added, the extension will be in your extensions tab where you are able to pin it to your browser.

Create Account

  • Click on the Get Started on the popup tab after downloading the extension to unlock the Paraverse

  • Talisman Wallet provides a disclaimer and you can choose at your own discretion and then click Proceed

  • You may either choose Create a new account or I already have one. Let’s use Create a new account for example

  • You can create a name for this account. This name can always be changed. Click the Create account when you are ready

  • Talisman will then prompt you to enter your own password to access your wallet

Retrieve your Secret Phrase

  • Select three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the extension pop-up

  • Select Settings

  • Click Backup Account

  • Enter your Talisman Wallet password and click View Secret Phrase

  • You can view your secret phrase by hovering over the greyed area with your mouse

Connect Karura (Same for Acala)

  • Access Karura and click Connect Wallet on the upper right-hand corner

  • Choose Talisman from the pop-up screen via Karura

  • Choose the account you would like and click Connect

  • If it shows up the metadata update requirement, just finish the update. After that, click Approve in the pop-up, then you can connect Karura with your account

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