Connect wallet

Install Extension Plugin

  • For Polkadot.js plugin wallet, it doesn't have the functions like sending or checking balance as Metamask. You can use the Polkadot.js Apps website to check balances, participate in Kusama staking, and more. Click here to install the plugin

  • When you installed successfully, you can see the logo or you can pin it to the toolbar

Create Account

  • Click the Polkadot.js extension logo in your browser. You will see a browser pop-up

  • Click the + button then it will use system randomness to make a new seed for you and display it to you in the form of twelve words

  • Save your seed word well, select saved mnemonic and click the Next step button

  • Keep Network as Allow use on any chain. You can access all Polkadot parachain networks with one single wallet and it will automatically generate the corresponding address for the networks

  • Enter your account name and password, then click the button to add an account

Connect Karura (Same for Acala)

  • Access Karura and click the Connect Wallet button on the upper right-hand corner

  • It will have a pop-up and click the arrow button. If it comes up with the connection failed, click "Try Again" and connect again

  • Click the allow button to authorize the connection

  • If it shows up the metadata update requirement, just finish the update. Then you can connect Karura with your new account

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